20 Kms loop route.( Self guided)

Starting from Can Bassa / Happybikes - go through the villages of Madremanya, Pedrinyà, La Pera, PÚBOL, Cassa de Pelràs, Planils, Anyells, Corca, Monells. All villages are full of history, charm and picturesque buildings and scenery. Not to be missed. You need to be reasonably fit.

cycling girona costa brava
Madremanya/Pedrinyà/La Pera.

It is easy to follow the self-guided route as it is signposted throughout your journey.

Depart from Madremanya through its narrow streets and majestic church.

Thereafter the route runs along roads safely through the Romanesque church of Pedrinyà up to La Pera.

You can go through it's arresting way which you will not regret.

In the Plaza de La Pera is a bar to have a coffee or lunch.

The next village is Púbol.

cycling girona costa brava
Púbol/Cassà de Pelràs/Panils/ Anyells 


In Púbol is the Gala-Dalí Castle, which was owned by Salvador Dalí Gala. A must if you go early. You can also stroll around the Plaza de Púbol or relax with a drink in the restaurant Can Bosch. From there you will enjoy the road that goes up and down landscapes of fields and forests.

Also you must note the small neighborhoods which you cycle through on the route.

cycling girona costa brava


Go through Anyells and avoid the C-66 road. If you go to Monells there is a small road that takes you to Monells.

You can also visit Corca with its central square and church. There are several restaurants.

In Monells walk through its streets and medieval village through the central square full of nooks with history.

Return to Madremanya may be on the main road linking Monells with Madremanya and pay a visit to Millas with its straight road to an ancient castle.

Another option is to return from Monells on dirt roads crossing forests and fields to Millars.